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Vacuum Sintering Furnace Reaches Covers The Globe

With the rising demand of Vacuum Sintering furnace, the company has gone from strength to strength in bagging difficult orders, and executing them to perfection. Many of the sintered products you see around are directly out from Syvacuum furnaces. Not only them, but a wide range of hydrogen furnaces and brazing furnaces give strength to the joints of the construction and rebar industry.

With proactive deliberations and support to many principles around the world, bagging on order after another, and participating successfully in prestigious exhibitions, the company’s brand name has gone on to be recognized at the top of the league in vacuum furnace manufacturing.

Syvacuum furnaces are not sold in South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Malaysia and many other countries, the recent addition being the foray into Africa.

Understanding that a successful commissioning requires a long drawn and continuous process of fine tuning as per customers’ various intricacies, the company has set up for customer service centers in ZHEJIANG,CHANGSHA,GUANGDONG,XIAN and SHANDONG.

As any furnace in a manufacturing set up would mean, it is about raising the heat to deliberate levels. However, a good furnace is one which has more control and uniformity of temperatures, or in layman’s terms, lets the temperature flow as desired at various parts of the furnace. Also another important element is getting the temperature to rise up and also descend at a rapid rate, to achieve certain metallurgical properties. The Syvacuum is equipped with such properties, which can be adequately demonstrated. Up to twenty percent of the energy can be saved, owing to its unique refractory structure.

About company:
Shenyang North True Vaccum Technology Co.,Ltd. is a company engaged in the development, manufacturing and commissioning of vacuum furnaces. It is used regularly by customers in the area of Powder Metallurgy, Silicon Carbide, and Composite Ceramic Materials and other mechanical areas. 300 units have been sold so far, with constant after sales service to all. To know more about Silicon Carbide Vacuum Sintering Furnace, visit website at


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-22 14:29)

Tags: Mim Vacuum Sintering Furnace Silicon Carbide Vacuum Sintering Furnace Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

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Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co. Ltd. Introduces Its Range Of Highly Advanced Ultrasound Dopplers

After foraying into the medical instrumentation business back in 2001, keeping cutting edge technology at its very centre, the Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co. Ltd. has gone from strength to strength in quick succession. Under its brand name ‘BESTMAN’, it has released a plethora of products in the field of medical instrumentation, starting from Syringe Destroyers to Blood and Infusion warmers. Entering into the home medical equipment space, it has revolutionized a market for refrigeration of insulin. By this time, Bestman was known in the market in fifteen products already, when another two avant-garde products were introduced, which are – the Fetal Monitoring Equipment and the LED touch monitoring machine. And the journey continued into vein monitoring devices.

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co. Ltd. is very happy to announce that its range of Ultrasound Dopplers has gone on to become the fulcrum of its medical instruments endeavours, having now researched, and commercially created thirty seven of them! The range includes a series of Baby Dopplers, Fetal Monitors and Vascular Dopplers.

In the present era of increasing high risk pregnancies, and an increasing number of complications of the baby starting from the fetus stage, Dopplers come in as an irreplaceable measure of proper diagnosis. In avoiding a more therapeutic approach to such complications, by performing an untimely caesarean section, a good Ultrasound Doppler is more prophylactic by nature. A correct reading can lead to a timely diagnosis, and the doctors have time to evaluate what to do. Various credentials are listed on the official website mentioned below.

About Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co. Ltd:
The Company was formed in 2001, with a vision of establishing itself as a strong player in the medical instrumentation business, making high technology as its fulcrum. Over time, the products have reached every major country in six continents.

To know more, visit


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-22 13:59)

Tags: Medical Instruments Home Medical Equipment Life Support Equipment Ultrasound Doppler

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Shenyang Hengjin’s State Of The Art Vacuum Furnaces, Adds More Feathers

In the arena for vacuum furnace requirement, starting from metallurgical industry, to atmospheric sintering, and chemical coating, products of ShenYang’s are highly monitored, very pedantically designed, and delivered as promised with agreed upon conditions including third party inclusions. The products broadly can be categorized into five divisions. They are- Vacuum Brazing furnace, Vacuum Heat Treatment furnace, Vacuum Sintering furnace, Vacuum Hot Press, Vacuum Melting furnace.

In critical heat exchanger industry, it is imperative that the output is of razor sharp precision. ShenYang Hengjin has continued to push up its learning curve, taking each order and delivery cycle as an unique case study, and go about the production process as a cross functional team. The vacuum sintering pyrolysis furnace is of special mention here. Since it is used for the removal of silicon compounds and ceramics, the company offers all three types of loading, that is, upper, horizontal and bottom.

Also, the vacuum annealing furnaces are of very important mention here. In an industry marked by stringent adherence of strength of materials and its mechanical and chemical parameters, there is no other way than to ensure the annealing is done in the correct environment and temperature. It is PLC controlled, with automated temperature controller inside the furnace. However, it can also be workup upon in the manual mode. It is made considering not only product accuracy, but also in avoiding operational hazards.

The delivery facility of ShenYang Hengjin is very good and it takes very short time. The logistics of the company is perfectly streamlined and under control, so as to ensure hassle and delay free road, rail and ocean freight.

About ShenYang Hengjin Vacuum Technology Co.,LTD:
This company specializes in development and manufacturing of different vacuum equipments. It was established in 2002 with 50 million annual sales. This company has immense knowledge in vacuum furnace industry. ShenYang Hengjin Vacuum Technology has its own marketing department technology centre, after sale service centre and workshops also. To know more, visit


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-22 13:35)

Tags: Vacuum Sintering Furnace Vacuum Brazing Furnace Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace Vacuum Hot Press

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Done4U Media Offers Challenge For Start-Ups

Houston, Texas (July 22, 2017) - Brenda Trott of Done4U Media offers marketing challenge for start-ups.

Sensing a need with start-up companies, Brenda Trott, founder of Done4U Media Marketing is offering them a way to get found online. Through the challenge, Trott hopes new business owners will discover the momentum offered through social media and content marketing.

Knowing that small business owners are often on a tight budget, Brenda Trott decided to give them a way to market their business without spending hours of time or thousands of dollars. “My biggest passion is making sure that small businesses succeed,” states Trott. “That rarely happens without a consistent and clear message through media marketing.”

The Marketing Momentum Challenge is designed to allow business owners a taste of what can happen when they use content marketing in their business consistently for 14 days. When they join the challenge, they will get a daily email telling them what to post and where.

In addition to getting instructions on the content they should create, the Marketing Momentum Challenge will provide videos for the technical side of content marketing. For example, if one of the assignments is to embed a Facebook post onto their blog, a participant will be able to watch a short video showing them how to embed a Facebook post.

Done4U Media Marketing was founded by Brenda Trott in an effort to cater to the start-up company who cannot yet afford to work with bigger advertising agencies. They offer classes on SEO, social media marketing and content marketing. Once a company is willing to give up the marketing hat, they offer Done4U services to keep the marketing momentum going and to provide a filled pipeline of potential clients.

Brenda Trott is available at the office by phone at 281-825-6054

Done4U Media Marketing
1818 Tucamcari
Houston, Texas 77090
Website: http:/


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-22 06:13)

Tags: Done4U

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TNPDS Online Guides People Of Tamil Nadu To Get Their Smart Ration Card

Tamil Nadu, India (July 22, 2017) - Like many other states in India, Tamil Nadu has also got a Public Distribution System in place. Through this system provisions like rice, sugar and other things are distributed to the public by the state government at affordable cost. The distribution is made through the family card or ration card.

Now, the ration cards are being converted in the state into smart cards to make things easier. Application for the smart card can be submitted online and people looking for the best source of information in this regard can get help from TNPDS online.

TNPDS stands for Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System. People looking to apply for Tamil Nadu Ration Card, particularly the newly issued smart card can get complete details from TNPDS online. They will learn how to submit the application online, what documents are to be submitted as ID and address proof and also complete details on how to replace the old family card into the new smart card from this website.

About TNPDS Online:
The purpose of TNPDS Online is to guide TN people to get their smart card. This card is not just for procuring things at affordable cost. But, it can also be used as address and ID proof. The website provides guides on new card application and old card replacement.

For more details, please visit


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-22 05:27)

Tags: TNPDS Tamil nadu ration card TNPDS online

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LED Light Expert Has Affordable LED Retrofit Lights On Offer For Customers

San Diego, CA (July 21, 2017) - LED Retrofit lights are growing more popular, and are available in different forms – as parking lot lights, home lighting solutions, street lights and shoebox lights. Online store LED Light Expert has the best LED Retrofits on offer for customers, but at competitive price ranges that are designed to satisfy their needs and pockets.

The store has the most superior retrofit lights that consumers can upgrade to. These lights can be used for the replacement of older incandescent or fluorescent lights that consume more electrical energy but offer less illumination. Unlike older lights, these do not drive up energy expenses. Naturally, customers are increasingly opting for these lights and deriving the advantages of cost effectiveness, environment friendliness and higher illumination that LED lights have on offer.

The store has different types of retrofits, such as parking lot led retrofit, which are free of mercury and other materials that can contribute to global warming. These offer cleaner light than regular incandescent bulbs, have more energy efficiency and are more durable. These are very eco-friendly and can prevent environmental pollution.

Buyers can easily find lighting solutions for various sections of their home or establishment. The lights are perfect for installation in homes, offices, sports fields, roadways and farms. Every LED lighting product from the store comes with warranty, and the warranty period is higher for more expensive lights. The lights are available in different wattage, from 80 – 480 watt. LED Light Expert offers superior retrofit kits, and customers can use them to replace their old and outdated fixtures. There is no need for them to change or replace their existing luminaires or light fixtures. They can set up these lights in a horizontal fashion, which can offer more illumination.

The store has lights in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors and lumens, and these can be set up easily without any assistance. These can be kept running long and no maintenance is required for keeping them operational. The use of advanced LED lighting technology keeps the lights running and in perfect operational state for many months and even years.

About LED Light Expert:
An online light store, LED Light Expert has a wide range of LED light products for sale, such as street lights, 400 watt metal halide led retrofit and light bulbs.

For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Rick Rodgers
Phone: (858) 215-1401


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-21 11:10)

Tags: LED Wall Pack LED Flood lights 400 Watt Metal Halide LED Replacement LED Canopy lights

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LED Light Expert Becomes The Top LED Lights Supplier In San Diego

San Diego, CA (July 21, 2017) - All types of establishments, whether residential, commercial or industrial, are increasingly going for LED light fixtures. LED Light Expert, an online store, has a wide range of LED lights for different types of consumers. It has recently been voted by customers as the top supplier of LED lights in San Diego.

LED lights offer brighter and cleaner light, and are reputed for their cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. LED Light Expert has varied light products, such as tennis court lights, DLC lights and LED Corn Lights, which can satisfy the lighting requirements of customers - but at a reasonable price.

The lights are affordable and each of the offerings comes at a reasonable price. Buyers can easily find lighting fixtures that suit their own tastes and preferences, as well as pockets. Each lighting product comes with the promise of high quality and construction and is designed to last for a long time.

Consumers can choose from 300 watt LED Mega High Bay Lights, Dimmable 240 Watt LED High Bay Lighting, 14,400 Lumen LED Flood Light, 150 Watt DIMMABLE LED High Bay UFO Light, 61,000 Lumen LED Parking Lot Lights and more.

The lights come in varied lumens, from 4000 K to 5000 K and from 135 Lumens to 56,000 Lumen. The vibrant LED light products can offer more light and make the adjoining areas look brighter and more prominent. Buyers can get more light than standard illuminants such as incandescent or fluorescent lights can offer to them. The use of superior LED lighting technology makes the LED Light Bulbs and other lights more energy saving.

The lighting products from LED Light Expert are suitable for homes, industrial buildings, commercial establishments and more, and these glow brighter than standard bulbs and lights. You can get these lights in a wide variety of colors. These are of superior quality and perfect for lighting up any ambience. The brand has the best lighting products that offer the promise of higher lifespan and improved efficiency.

About LED Light Expert:
An online store focused on LED light sales, LED Light Expert is into selling a wide range of lighting products featuring LED lighting technology, such as wall packs bulbs, fixtures and street lights.

For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Contact: Rick Rodgers


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-21 10:15)

Tags: LED Light Bulbs LED Retrofit lights LED Shoe box light LED basketball court lights LED corn bulbs

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Dimo Offers The Best Video Converter Applications To Make Digital Life Better

Kunshan, China (July 20, 2017) - For those, who love watching CNN news, they now have the option to save CNN News video that they feel highly important. This is possible through the best video converter applications offered by Dimo.

In addition to providing the best applications, the company also offers guides on how to download CNN Live TV with the help of their applications. With the video converter application offered by Demo, people can download any video on YouTube, Vimeo and 300+ such sites, such that they can gain access to the videos as and when needed without web access.

With this application, users can virtually convert any format of video at a conversion speed of 50X. In addition, with this application, it will be possible to encode and wirelessly share videos to play on television, phone, tablet, and many such devices. The company also offers CNN downloader for Mac users.

About Dimo:
The name of this company is Dimo Software and they are specialized in multimedia software. The mission of this company is to fulfill the multimedia demands of people to make a fabulous digital life for them.

For more details, please visit

Media Contact:
Company: DimoSoft
Tel. No.: +86-185-6886 5261
Address: 1st Floor NO.1699, Zuchongzhi South Road, Kunshan, China


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-20 07:44)

Tags: save cnn news video how to download cnn live tv cnn downloader

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E.P.I.C. Electric Offers Breaker Box Installation And Repair Service In Texas

Haltom City, TX (July 18, 2017) - E.P.I.C Electric offers a wide range of electrical services inclusive of repairing of faulty wiring, upgrading electrical meters, commercial repairs and installation, installation of new lighting sockets, repairing outlets and repairing electrical cables. The company also offers breaker box repair Dallas and installation service in Dallas and Fort Worth.

E.P.I.C Electric says “no job is too small or too big for us to handle”. So, the company offers 100% money back guarantee. The company always wants to make sure that their electric service is not just reliable, but also affordable for anyone.

The company knows that breaker box installation Fort Worth when not done in a professional manner can lead to repairs. So, they ensure the best installation and they are also experts in breaker box repair Fort Worth.

About E.P.I.C Electric:
E.P.I.C. Electric began its journey as a two-man team. The first person is Mike Hassinger with 35 years of experience in this domain and the second person is his son Griffin Hassinger. The company offers electrical works with residential and commercial contractors in the DFW Area in Texas.

For more details, please visit

Media Contact:
Electrical Professionals in Construction LLC
4424 Estes Park Rd Haltom City, Texas 76137
Telephone: (682)478-6088 Griffin Hassinger
Telephone: (214)709-5435 Mike Hassinger
Fax: +1.6824786088
Email: G.Hassinger@Yahoo.Com


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-18 08:20)

Tags: epic electric epic electric dallas electrician dallas electrical contractor dallas lighting installation dallas

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New York Fashion Week: Men's NYFW Recap: To Be Thrill By Edison Lu

New York, NY (July 18, 2017) – On opening day of New York Fashion Week: Men's, celebrity stylist Edison Lu debuted his menswear fashion brand titled “To Be Thrill”. The brand featured sophisticated black garments highlighted by the designers signature edge to create unique red carpet and celebrity worthy designs.

Edison Lu is no stranger to the fashion world, winning many international awards for his work as a hair and make-up stylist. His work has been featured in Marie Claire, GQ, and various international publications. From stylist to designer, there is nothing that can get in the way of this powerhouse artist. For his debut collection, Edison asked his long time friend Taiwanese celebrity Mike Ho to collaborate with him on the inspiration for the collection. Mike Ho not only walked in the finale of the runway show but his hit shows “Beside Evil” and “The Contract Of Love” served as inspirations for the collection.

A very special thank you to our partners and sponsors: Plaforma, Judgment of Paris, ieo Professional, &Hair Salon, Hair Corner, Blondie’s Divine Desserts, Social Network, Fashion Stock, Manhattan Penthouse, Arctic Zero, Fashion Me, and Art Hearts Fashion.

To learn more about Edison Lu stylist please visit
#ToBeThrill #EdisonLu

To Learn more about Edison Lu Designer visit

For Press & Media questions please email


Post by robertbrn (2017-07-18 07:46)

Tags: Edison Lu

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